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Make Deodorant Out Of Cornstarch And Baking Soda
Deodorant, everybody needs it, and no one wants to admit it. It`s something we use every (almost) every day of our lives. And just in case you`re like me, and put off making homemade deodorant spray deodorant because you think it will be too hard, or take too much time, I just made up another batch this morning and it took me a total of less than 10 minutes, including taking pictures for this post!
Add 48 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture of coconut and macadamia oils. I had been buying my deodorant from a vendor on etsy who makes it in her kitchen, but she got some press in some women`s magazines recently that resulted in a lot of extra sales so her prices went from expensive to OMG. After experimenting with no coconut oil and failing miserably, I have to say, I am so thankful for all of the experimenting YOU did to come up with this perfect recipe, which perhaps is left best unaltered.
Other than using a different combination of essentials oils, the only difference was the type of butter used. If you`re worried about the coconut smell, don`t be: although the deodorant itself does smell of coconut, the smell is very faint (and localized!) once you have it on, so it won`t interfere with your usual perfume. By killing smell causing bacteria that are present in the sweat itself, deodorant will take care of the bad smell while allowing your pores to stay open and secrete an odourless sweat.
I use just a little bit and use my fingers to rub it in (I found that Kitchen Stewardship has instructions if you want to fill an old deodorant container, though, plus more information on how to travel with it). Right here is where you decide if you want to add 2 more tablespoons of coconut oil (or 8 total). I haven`t added any cornstarch or baking soda although I did try baking soda for a while.
It didn`t make sense why I should smell so bad with this, because the orange cream sickle PPP works great for me but I had to quit because the baking soda was inflaming my armpits. If you want to make a great stick deodorant, add more cocoa butter (the real, pure, super thick cocoa butter, not the creamy stuff with the additives) to the original recipe. It wasn`t this messy every day, but I often found white drips like this in my bathroom after using baking soda and water! Those who had used deodorant at the beginning of the study showed a pattern in which the odor-causing bacteria and the common skin bacteria group Staphylococcaceae swapped. It has been awhile since I made it, so I can`t remember what other ingredients I put in it but I remember thinking there wasn`t too much else that would possibly do that other than the beeswax.
The recipe will be runny in hot weather and hard in cold weather so make sure your container can handle both extremes I cleaned out an empty deodorant container with a clicking mechanism and it worked great for summer but not at all once it was cooler.
But when I use just coconut oil and baking soda with some essential oil, I smell fine by the end of the day - I just get really sweaty, more so than I do with this. This deodorant is simple and it works for me. Variations of this recipe are all over the internet, but after a lot of experimentation, this is the blend that I love and use regularly. I did some research and figured out that in order to make sure the deodorant isn`t too alkaline, it should be less than 10% baking soda, which means a significantly smaller amount.
Spray - Usually contained in aerosol cans, these are pressurized liquid deodorants. The shea butter and coconut oils also make it moisturising (unlike many store-bought products). Another thought I just had is avocado butter it is softer than coconut oil, but so good for your skin. This is a very simple deodorant recipe, but just as effective as the first recipe. It doesn`t matter how little I would use I would still break out but if I left the soda completely out the deodorant hardly did anything at all for odors. But I think due to the coconut oil (and forgetting to wash it off one night), I developed 2 ingrown pimples that hurt. I have found that if I apply coconut oil after I apply the deodorant, it prevents me from getting burned. If you prefer to avoid aluminum-based antiperspirants but want to help eliminate underarm sweat, dust on plain baking soda or cornstarch with a large powder brush after applying your deodorant.
I`ve been using this deodorant for about 6 months now, and it works better than any store-bought stuff I`ve ever used. I desperately wanted another solution, so when I ran out of deodorant over a month ago, I finally made my own. Great article, I haven`t heard of a crystal deodorant stone before but if you have been using it for 25 years, you are living proof. This common household item is the perfect emergency deodorant because the alcohol in it kills bacteria and neutralizes smell. Or you could just increase the other dry components to make up for removing the baking soda.
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